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There are 9 weapons in Diabotical. They include the Melee Weapon, Machine Gun and Plasma Blaster and Super Shotgun, Rocket Launcher, Shaft and Point'n'click Rifle (PNCR), Crossbow, and Grenade Launcher. You can purchase weapon pack in the in-game store for Coins to change their appearance.

Weapons and Stats
Weapon Stats

Dmg.: 50

Fire Interval: 700ms

DPS: 71.419

Range: 32u

Knockback: 250

Machine Gun

Dmg.: 5

Fire Interval: 100ms

DPS: 50

Knockback: 4


Dmg.: 20

Fire Interval: 100ms

DPS: 200

Projectile Speed: 2100ups

Splash Dmg.: 1-20

Knockback: 17.4

Self-Knockback: 20

Super Shotgun

Dmg.: 5

Shots per Round: 20

Maximum Dmg.: 100

Fire Interval: 1000ms

Max. DPS: 100

Knockback: 4.1

Rocket Launcher

Dmg.: 100

Fire Interval: 800ms

DPS: 125

Projectile Speed 1000ups

Splash Radius 125u

Splash Dmg.: 5-35

Knockback: 80

Air Knockback: 101

Self-Knockback 110


Dmg.: 6

Fire Interval: 50ms

DPS: 120

Knockback: 3

Air Knockback: 9.1


Dmg. Range: 70-90

Min. Dmg. Distance: <500u

Max. Dmg. Distance: >1250u

Fire Interval: 1000ms

DPS Range: 70-90

Projectile Speed: 5136.314ups

Knockback: 23

Point'n'click Rifle

Base Dmg.: 70

Extra Damage per Hit: 5

maximum Dmg.: 100

Fire Interval: 1450ms

Knockback: 52.5

Air Knockback: 62.2

Grenade launcher

Dmg.: 100

Fire Interval: 800ms

DPS: 115

Projectile Speed: 1000ups

Splash Radius: 120u

Splash Dmg.: 1-92

Knockback: 160

Fuse Time: 3000ms